Fullmoon Brew Works | Where to hangout in Phuket?
The small batch handcrafted beers, which are uniquely create to deliver distinctive Thai beer styles. All of our beers are handcrafted and used only 100% all natural ingredients.
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Where to hangout in Phuket?

What is the best hangout place in Phuket? We assumed that there are two type of people likely to spend time here in Phuket.

There are one who come to the ‘Phuket’, which everybody already have had a picture of it imprinted on their mind – an exotic island in the faraway region where you can party as hard as one can imagine, where you can do some ‘crazy’ stuff like no place else on earth. Another type is the one who really come to ‘Phuket’ as it is – a friendly and renowned vacation island of Thailand. With their reputation, you could expect a messy, swindler as well as friendly local and peaceful nature. Purposely, We aim to expand a taste of tourism in Phuket. It is really important to tell you what is the best hangout place in Phuket, as it has so many choices. We will describe exclusively where to chill with style and will get to know more about this charming touristic city.


Phuket Indy Market

Our first checkpoint is the handmade flea market called ‘Lard Ploy Khong’ (Lard is market in southern dialect) or the “Phuket Indy Market”; it is located at a public open space called ‘Lime Light’ near ‘Dee Boog road’. This is where you can find massive local-made goods. Its product ranged from clothing, furniture to accessories and souvenir. But what make it more worth visiting is because it is act as an activity center; operated as an open space for any talented showcase. So you might find it entertaining to watch people come here and do more than just shopping. As an outsider, it is really great to see people with passionate eyes pave a way for their dream.


Kata Karon Beach

Even it may not as famous as Patong, Kata Karon has similar charm to offer. Apart from a delicate sand and crystal-clear sea, Kata Karon has so many recreational activity for you to participate. The beach is much renowned for the surfer and appreciated by those who are water extreme fan. There are also many of nice little bar along the beach. But what capture your moment here should be the next one.


Local Fresh Market

It’s unnamed market locate next to the Kata Karon Beach, this lively market filled with fresh product from the sea. The Great part here is that if you come early, you will get a chance to see fisherman and street vendors negotiating on fresh seafood. The art of bargaining is very entertaining. And once the deal is settled, those drooling flesh will be found cooked-as-you-please along the whole of the street.


Patong Beach Bar

After a chilling part, we will dig into a hangout place of Phuket that is a bit more dazzling. The best hangout place in Phuket is inarguable ‘Patong beach’. Here lies a plenty of choices, whether you are enjoy being alone and sipping your drink while observe life flowing. Otherwise, you might be party animal who want to make new friends and made the most out of the night. Patong has its own character and charm to seduce both needs. When you are there, it is now depend on how you want to remembered tonight.


Jungceylon Mall

But if you are another type, the type that want to take the walk and sipping. Go to Jungceylon, one of the oldest malls in Phuket, just next to Patong Beach. Its name derived from ancient Malayan word mean ‘Ship stop point’ and also an old name of Phuket. It has many choices for you – cafe, lovely pastry shop and light meal stall. But if you are looking for a meal and beers, one of the best is ‘Full Moon Brew Work’. The place offers a fine western cuisine along with authentic Thai menu. Also, you might get a clue from their name. This place is a home-brew local beer that you cannot find anywhere. Their beer combine a perfection of standardized procedures and authentic character of Phuket, to fulfill the night and you will surely enjoy hanging there for a while.


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