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The small batch handcrafted beers, which are uniquely create to deliver distinctive Thai beer styles. All of our beers are handcrafted and used only 100% all natural ingredients.
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Asia’s Top Craft Beer Bars

Travellers, rejoice: Here’s a quick overview of the top craft beer bars in Asia—from award winning breweries, beer serious cafés to hardcore ‘punk’ bars. The craft beer scene is growing in Asia, and it’s time you take some notes....


Full Moon Brewworks: The Charm of Thai Craft Beer

Thailand is renowned for great food, characterized by its ability to juggle a complex interplay of disparate tastes into harmoniously-balanced dishes that delight with unique flavors....


7 Ultimate Reasons You Should Drink Craft Beer

According to research and cultural trends, people aged from 21 to 35—the ever so notoriously awesome Millennials—crave a variety of options and authenticity in the one they’ve chosen. ...


A Trip Across Thailand: Our Five Inspirational Cities

From the roof of the country to the roots of Lanna culinary excellence, and all that is in between, Chiangmai, Thailand’s second largest city, has everything to offer. If you’re planning to visit Thailand, we trust that Chiangmai has its spot in your itinerary. If it doesn’t… well, we hope you do something about it....


Thai food is ‘SO GOOOOOD’ with Beer

European and American may get use to enjoying drinking beers with foods and snacks like peanuts, steaks and burgers. so do Thai people, but in a bit different ways. ...