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Best Shopping Spots in Phuket

Where to shop and what to buy? Full Moon Brewworks presents to you the best of Phuket.

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When it comes to Phuket, most people imagine white sandy beaches, snorkelling, and getting drunk from dusk to dawn. Don’t get me wrong, the beaches are as beautiful as you imagine, and you’ll also most likely spend most of your time glued to the mini bar. However, little do you know that Phuket is actually a shopper’s paradise. The tourist-populated province is packed with hidden bargains for both locals and tourists. With numerous markets, malls, and outlets, shoppers are spoiled with choices. To give you a taste of the stature of Phuket’s shopping arena, here’s a pick of the best of every world.

Phuket Weekend Market

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Known to the locals as Naka Market, the Phuket Weekend Market is a slightly smaller version of Bangkok’s famous Chatuchak Market. The shopping fair, located on the outskirts of Phuket Town , is held every weekend, and is arguably one of Phuket’s most exciting tourist destinations. The market is composed of two sections, covered and open. In the covered section, shoppers will be able to find a selection of secondhand items, including vintage and hippy fashion pieces, as well as souvenir-worthy artifacts. On the outside, stalls are filled with electronics, such as secondhand mobile phones, copy CDs and DVDs, and shoes, accessories, watches and vintage home decors, basically anything you can think of. And let’s not forget the food. Stall after stall, the market contains a variety of local delicacies, such as buttered corn, spicy Isaan sausages, tropical fruits, and, of course, the obligatory deep-fried grasshoppers.


Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday from 16:00 – 21:00
Location: Chao Fa West Road

Jim Thompson

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When speaking of Thai silk, the first brand that comes to mind is probably Jim Thompson. Though the mystery of the disappearance of Jim Thompson himself still resonates among us, the brand has been able to distinguish itself as the leader of Thai silk. Jim Thompson has secured its position as one of the most famous brands of silk products around the world with branches across the country. Lucky for us, the main Jim Thompson outlet is located in the ground floor of Central Festival Phuket. So if you happen to visit Phuket, the outlet is definitely worth a visit. You’ll be able to delight those back home with a few scarves and some knick knacks for children.


Opening Hours: 09:30 – 22:00
Location: Ground floor Central Festival Phuket
Tel: 076-249615(6)

Phuket Old Town


Phuket Old Town will allow travellers to take a historical stroll through Phuket’s history with its generation-old boutiques and art studios. Store after store, the streets are populated with unique local handicrafts from colorful handmade textiles to traditional artifacts and street artworks. With purely local-made products, the stores are devoid of any international brands, making the streets perfect for tourists looking to get a closer look at Phuket’s traditional charm. Many of the streets’ must visit stores include Ban Boran Textiles, China Inn, and Siam Indigo.


Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00 (Varies between stores)
Location: Phangnga Rd

Premium Outlet Phuket

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The 18,000 sqm open-spaced outlet is composed of brand name clothing and accessories, ranging from Warner Brothers and Levis to Lacoste, Nike, and Adidas in bargain prices. These brands are found in separate stores within the outdoor outlet, with discounts of up to 70%. The outlet is home to one of the largest specialty golf stores in Thailand, delighting professional golfers stopping by on their way back from their snorkelling trips.  Aside from the handful of international brands, you’ll also be able to pick up some Thai handicrafts and souvenirs from local Thai brands such as Tha Chang Shop which has a selection of silver, woodworks,  shell products, and traditional threads. However, don’t let the name of the outlet fool you. Though the name suggests a ‘premium’ outlet, there are no premium luxury brands for sale in the outlet. Nevertheless, you’ll have plenty to work with with over 300 brands, most of which are international.


Opening Hours: Daily from 10:00 – 21:00
Location: On the Bypass Road
Tel: 076-350500

Jungceylon Shopping Mall

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For those looking to do some serious shopping whilst in Patong beach, Jungceylon Shopping Mall is the place to be. As the largest shopping mall in Phuket, Jungceylon Shopping Mall is often considered as a city within the city. The mall serves as a perfect getaway from the heat, with its numerous selection of local and international cuisines.  In addition to the restaurants and cafes, shoppers surely won’t leave home empty handed, as the mall is packed with a wide array of stores and boutiques, from traditional antiques and handicrafts to designer labels. The mall also offers with a wide array of activities, including Thai massage, Fish spa, 4D Mini Movie Theater, and a shooting cafe (with real bullets and everything of course). If this isn’t entertaining enough, the mall hosts a water and light show everyday, and if you stand close enough, you might even get sprayed at on a windy day. To finish off your day, you might want to stop by Full Moon Brewworks for a cold pint of Phuket’s very own handcrafted beer. As the only microbrewery and restaurant in Phuket, the place surely won’t disappoint.


Opening Hours: Daily from 11:00 – 22:00
Location: Rat-u-thit 200 Pee Road, Patong, Kratu, Phuket
Tel: 076 600 111


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