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9 Drinking Games To Try On Your Next Night Out

College may seems like a distant memory but let’s face it, you’re never too old to play a drinking game. If anything, it helps you blow off steam more quickly than you’d think, and blowing off steam is why you hit the bar with your tribe on a Friday night to begin with. Here are nine of the best drinking games to play.

1. Drunk Jenga


Jenga is easily the biggest no-brainer game of all drinking games. Most bars would have a few sets of Jenga at the ready so all you have to do is start stacking those blocks. Customize your game with a round of Drunk Jenga, whereby rules are written on the blocks beforehand (maybe ask for the bar’s permission first). The player must do whatever rule (or dare) the block says i.e. take a shot, twerk, or buy a cute stranger a beer.

2. Drink While You Think


The first player says a celebrity or famous figure’s name then the next person, while drinking, comes up with another whose name starts with the letter of the previous famous figure’s last name (Benedict Cumberbatch > Conan O’Brien > Oprah Winfrey). The game is applicable to other genres as well.

3. Roxanne, or Drink When You Hear


Play “Roxanne” on the jukebox and drink every time you hear Sting says “Roxanne”. The game can be applied to songs like “Michelle” and “Beat It”, or you can make up rules as you go for whatever’s blasting the speakers or being played by a performing band. Here’s an easy suggestion: down two shots when you hear “Wonderwall” and dare the group not to laugh too hard.

4. Titanic


Despite its name, this game is Korean through and through. Koreans enjoy their beer with soju (a “soju bomb”, they call it) so much they came up with a game that mixes the two for them. Put an empty shot glass in a 3/4 beer pint then the players take turns pouring soju into the shot glass. Whoever sinks the glass has to chug the beautiful concoction bottoms up.

5. Baskin Robbins 31


This is a Korean counting game where the players can count up to three numbers. The first player starts with 1 and can stop at 2 or 3. The next person then counts up to the next three numbers. Whoever counts more than three numbers on accident has to drink up. The person saying 31 has to drink as well.

6. Ping, Pang, Pong

South Korea’s neighbour Japan takes drinking equally seriously and they too have a simple and fun drinking game. The first person starts the game by crying, “Ping!” Then the next two persons to their right exclaim, “Pang” and “Pong” respectively. While saying “Pong,” though, the third person has to point at any random person in the game, who then has to say “Ping” again. If that person forgets or falters they have to drink.

7. Beer Pong


If the name of the previous game reminds you of Beer Pong, you’re not alone. Why not relive your adolescence days for a bit just for the heck of it? The game may be more suitable for a cozy bar or a laid-back setting but the rules will never change: two teams, ten cups of beer arranged in a triangle for each. If you get the ping pong ball into one of your opponent’s, they have to drink up.

8. Most Likely or Image Game

A player comes up with a “most likely” question like “Who would most likely moonlight as a stripper?”, “Who would most likely be watching an adult movie right now if we weren’t hanging out tonight?” or “Who would most likely be a closet Trump supporter?” (Yes, it’s time to let your dark humour flag fly). On the count of three, the whole group points to the person who would most likely fit that “image”. Everyone must take a drink for every finger pointing at them.

9. The Game Game


Sometimes you don’t just go out with the gang to vent about work and the world, you support your boys, who are on their way to the top of the Premier League and the NFL. Similar to Roxanne, you drink when one of these things happens:


  • A shot when you hear your club song from the crowd or otherwise
  • A shot when someone on your team gets a yellow card
  • Two if someone on your team gets a red card
  • A shot when your team concedes a penalty kick
  • Two when your team gives up a goal
  • Down your beer when a player is substituted
  • Down your beer if the camera zooms in on a famous face in the crowd
  • A little sip when someone is holding the ball in their hands

American football

  • Down your beer every time a penalty flag is thrown
  • Down it for every safety
  • Down it for a first down
  • Down it for a third-and-long conversion
  • Down it for a made field goal
  • Down it for player injuries
  • A shot for a turnover
  • A shot when your team scores a touchdown
  • A shot for a defensive touchdown
  • A shot for a glorious touchdown dance (but isn’t every one of them glorious in its own way?)

Feel free to follow as many as you want, add more or shift things around for the sake of a good time. It’s your team, after all. Here’s to a great match and the best night out!

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