Fullmoon Brew Works | 6 Perfect Beer and Food Pairings You Should Know About
The small batch handcrafted beers, which are uniquely create to deliver distinctive Thai beer styles. All of our beers are handcrafted and used only 100% all natural ingredients.
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6 Perfect Beer and Food Pairings You Should Know About

Your predecessors in the Medieval Times probably didn’t mind what meat they had with their merry-making ale, or give two cents about what type of brew to have with a quail. But in this day and age, we can’t let wine and food pairings be the only F&B know-how that matters anymore. Beer can provide a wholesome dining experience because of its complex flavours and ability to draw from, add to, interact with and complement your food. It can even clean and refresh your palate before you embark on the next course! Here are some useful pairings to take note of.

All-American steaks and burgers


Classic protein-loaded eats call for equally rich and dark beers. You need something that can stand up to the grilled meat like stouts, brown ales, Belgian-style lagers or a Guinness. If your steak comes with fries or a baked potato, you can also go for something lighter (on the next round *wink*) like American wheat beer and Belgian blonde ale or lager—these will help you cleanse the palate after the main hearty dish as well.



When you’re feeling like a creamy penne or risotto, go for something clean and crlsp like blonde ales, pilsners, and other pale ales. The wheaty brews would complement grain flavours in the dishes while remaining light enough not to outshine them. As for pizza, it’s been suggested that any beer goes with classic cheese and margherita. If you want to get a little heavier on the toppings, pair pepperoni with black IPA and hawaiian with blonde ale or Berliner Weisse.

British pub grubs


British dishes may be an unpopular choice when it comes to dining out but food and beer pairing has been part of the Brits’ cultural fabric the way Ye Olde pubs are. Traditional grubs like beef stew, savory pies or bangers and mash are great with stout and other dark ales with malty, caramel notes. Take it up a notch by asking about the type of ale used in preparing the stew or pie filling, and ordering a pint of that very same ale. #Aleception.

Curry favours


No matter you’re having authentic Indian or Birmingham’s Indian, you know you’re entering a pretty spiced up territory. And you’ll certainly need something that stands up to the zest of turmeric, coriander, cumin, black pepper and such. A crispy and fizzy lager can counter the spice but you may also want to try orange peel or coriander-infused wheat beers, which would create a brand new flavour and spiciness to the experience.

Spicy Thai and Mexican


The chilli hot Thai dishes and Mexican munchies go well with light lagers, and by “well” we mean they’re going to do the job balancing out the heat in tom yum goong and salsa roja—there’s a reason why the best known Thai and Mexican beers are lagers after all. Another hoppy choice like IPA will do, too. The hops don’t just cool down your tongue, but they allow the real flavour of the beer to shine through.


Sushi and fish dishes


To accompany a light but filling fish-led dishes, you need something similarly subtle but distinct enough on its own. Whether you’re feeling like a baked cod steak, maguro bites or California rolls, pair them with something crisp and smooth like American blonde ale, German or Czech pilsner, or, kind of a no brainer here, Japanese rice lager.


Obviously, these are not all the food-beer pairings that ever were or will be but hopefully you now have some general ideas about matching what with what. And if you’re happen to be in Phuket, stop by Full Moon Brew Work for a hearty meal off our international menu and challenge yourself to a pairing game—this time with our quality locally-sourced craft beers.

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